Part 3: Adjudication and Disposition

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Activity 3A: Advocacy in Juvenile Court

Video: Advocacy in Juvenile Court (12:49)

Activity 3B: Due Process Protections

Due Process Rights

Foundations in Law, Unit 2: The Legal System in Action. See Handout 14: The Legal Landscape for the GFSA for a summary of the issues decided in Seal v. Morgan.

Activity 3C: Appropriate Goals

Video: Adjudication (20:57)

Plea Bargaining in Juvenile Court

Shepherd, Robert E. Plea Bargaining in Juvenile Court. Criminal Justice Vol. 23, No. 3, Fall 2008. c. 2008 American Bar Association.

Heupel, Dana. Study finds lack of justice for juveniles. State Journal-Register. Springfield, IL. October 31, 2007,.

Activity 2, Lesson 2: the Process: Hearings and Plea Bargaining. Stanford Street Law.
Licensed under Creative Commons license.

Activity 3C: Child or Adult?

Brain Research, Adolescence, and the Law

American Bar Association

Juveniles in the Adult System

Juvenile Justice


Childhood Interrupted (20:50)

Activity 3D: Making a Case

Foundations in Law, Unit 2: The Legal System in Action
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