Ferguson and NYC court decisions connect to classroom

Recent court decisions in Ferguson, MO and Ne York City have sparked protests across the United States. Consider using Foundations in Law, Unit 5 to help students explore the role civil disobedience plays in defining what is lawful and unlawful. Use stories like the ones below to help students explore protest, advocacy, and the role of law enforcement in establishing a just society.

"Ferguson protest blocks traffic near Harvard Square." http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2014/12/01/ferguson-protest-blocks-traffic-near-harvard-square/iwMb00svayolzMxnk2Eu9H/story.html

"NYC chokehold, Ferguson cases spark national protests." http://www.ydr.com/crime/ci_27071772/nyc-chokehold-ferguson-cases-spark-national-protests?source=rss