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Teaching the Law and Justice Curriculum

Teaching the Law and Justice Curriculum describes how the curriculum is designed, provides detailed information about the curriculum materials, and offers suggestions for effectively using the materials in your classroom. It also describes additional resources available to help you implement this program.


Download Teaching the Law and Justice Curriculum.

Teacher Toolkit

The Law and Justice Teacher Toolkit may be used with the Foundations in Law and Foundations in Criminal Justice courses.

The Law and Justice curriculum is distinct from other law or law enforcement curricula in that it integrates a set of core skills with academic, career, and technical content. Teaching and assessing these skill and content areas can be challenging for teachers working with students of diverse abilities, interests, and backgrounds. The Teacher Toolkit has been designed to support your work with students by outlining some of the central characteristics of the curriculum while providing tools, strategies, templates, and practical resources for you to use in the classroom.

Assessment: This section describes the multiple forms of assessment included in the curriculum as well as suggestions for adapting the assessment tools provided to fit your own school context. It also includes a sample rubric that you may use as a guideline for the development of other rubrics.

Collaborative Learning and Teamwork: This section provides a rationale for the incorporation of teamwork skills in the curriculum as well as tools and resources for both new and experienced teachers working with student teams.

Literacy: This section outlines some of the key goals and strategies for developing student literacy skills and describes how they are incorporated in the curriculum. It provides you with tools, tips, and resources as well as ideas for connecting with other literacy initiatives within your school and district.

Teaching Controversial Issues: Because the Law and Justice curriculum asks students to explore questions of race, class, and power, managing discussions in which deeply held beliefs, values, and differences arise is an important skill for teachers of all backgrounds. This section provides research, teaching strategies, classroom resources, and troubleshooting techniques to help you develop and strengthen your skills when framing conversations about potentially controversial or sensitive topics.

Law and Justice: A Recommended Program of Study

Learn how the curriculum can fit into a four-year program of study.  Download here.