Professional Development

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)’s approach to professional development is based on both a synthesis of educational research and our extensive experience in offering programs that prepare teachers and administrators to implement educational innovations. This approach incorporates characteristics that research suggests are most likely to positively influence classroom practice and, ultimately, student learning.

EDC provides professional development and technical assistance for schools, districts, organizations, colleges, and other institutions. Professional development activities include summer institutes, school-based workshops, interactive webinars, mentoring and coaching, and training of trainers. We provide:

  • support for implementation of the curriculum content and instructional strategies
  • strategies for connecting classroom learning with communities and legal practitioners
  • guidance on how to adapt classroom activities to varied contexts such as after-school or community-based youth programs
  • support for linking classroom learning with real-world examples and experiences
  • guidance on school structures, policies, and environments that enable effective and deep use of the program

Professional development and technical assistance for the Law and Justice program is designed to focus on instructional strategies, such as inquiry- and problem-based teaching. Participants take part in hands on activities from the curriculum with the student perspective in mind; collaborate, engage in inquiry, and share ideas about teaching and learning; and reflect on their experienes from a researcher lens.

"The law and justice curriculum is making such a difference for my students and me. Students responded well to the activities, and were really intrigued when they examined laws from the past. The [real-life] scenarios were most engaging because they provided great fodder for debate as well as deeper analysis and critical thinking."

Students working in small groups

Sample Professional Development

  • The Role of Questions in Promoting Student Engagement and Learning
  • Fostering Critical Thinking: Student Inquiry in the Classroom
  • Courageous Conversations on Controversial Issues
  • Instructional Strategies for Fostering Youth Empowerment

Professional Development Resources

  • Professional Development Framework
  • List of Teacher Development Offerings
  • Curriculum Implementation Planning Guideline

For more information on professional development and technical assistance for the Law and Justice curriculum, contact Eliza Fabillar at